Financial Tools By Judd Miller

Financial Tools - By Meta Human Institute

Judd Miller - Published Author

Your Financial Fuel Gauge

Wealth Building 101; Your Financial Fuel Gauge. Read your financial fuel gauge to find out how  to sustain your personal or business life. When your financial fuel gauge is high you can:

  • Cover unexpected expenses on a moment's notice
  • Plan a trip with your family and cruise the highway for miles
  • Increase financial options
  • Watch the video and see how Judd explains it

The Financial Speedometer

Wealth Building 101; Your Cash Flow Speedometer. Learn how to manage and gauge your positive cash flow.

  • Control and direct the flow of your money
  • Understand your income statement
  • Determine and improve your cash flow
  • See the impact of cash flow on net worth
  • Watch the video and how Judd explains it

A Deeper Dive into Wealth

Wealth Building 101; Taking a Deeper Dive by Understanding Your Financial Statement.

  • Know how you are progressing financially
  • Understand what assets increase your net worth
  • Understand what assets decrease your net worth
  • Watch the video and see how Judd explains it

Three Steps to Building Wealth

Wealth Building 101; Understanding the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

  • Keep track of your assets and liabilities
  • Uncover the score of your net worth
  • Grow your assets and shrink your liabilities
  • Increase your assets and build wealth
  • Measure the flow of $$$ coming in and going out
  • Watch the video and see how Judd explains it

Grow Your Net Worth

Wealth Building 101; Grow Your Net Worth. It's time to start growing your net worth by increasing income producing assets and lowering debt.

  • Company 401k plans
  • Investments in Real Estate
  • Other Investments
  • Oh, don't forget about 'Cash!'
  • Watch the video and see how Judd explains it

Protect and Perpetuate Wealth

Wealth Building 101; Now that you have begun to grow your wealth, learn how to protect and perpetuate it.

  • Minimize Risk
  • Create your Legacy
  • Donate to charitable causes
  • Use perpetuated funds to pay off debt
  • Watch the video and see how Judd explains it

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