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The platform can provide endless opportunities for hiring experienced freelance commercial drivers in real-time on a per trip basis.  A never before seen database of Class A professional commercial driver profiles, their contact information, professional portrait, availability, rates, and geographical locations assists Carriers, Brokers, and Shippers to increase profits for companies feeling the pressure of driver shortages as aging commercial equipment line the fence of trucking terminals across this nation. has taken on the challenge of creating a more innovative transportation industry by streamlining the process of recruiting, hiring, contracting, and negotiating with Class A commercial drivers in real-time rather than using outdated traditional hiring or contracting practices.’s robust online business community provides the most accurate real-time driver leads for commercial companies searching desperately to keep their trucks and America moving.

Carriers, Brokers, Shippers, and other transportation companies can now book freight, post available equipment, and contract with a Freelance Professional Commercial driver to handle logistical difficulties using Web-based technologies.

It was the reality of staged loads on docks of warehouse depots across America and new and used equipment parked on the fences of countless yards without Class A commercial drivers to move them that birthed the idea of As a result, the process of talking, negotiating, and hiring a Class A Freelance Professional driver couldn’t be simpler.

The process: Accept a subscription offer, create a business profile, search for drivers at origin or destination of logistical difficulty, view driver profiles, invite the intended candidate to your project(s), place a call to a freelance driver with or accept his/her bid offer with the intent to negotiate the logistical difficulty and rate of pay in good faith. has partnered with Meta-Human Institute and to provide curriculum modules to sharpen driver negotiation and professional business skills which compute to heathier business collaborations and business relationships that are built on integrity and transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a paid subscription?

Your subscription provides Internet marketing of company assigned jobs, events, and other possible job opportunities for Freelance Professional Commercial drivers.  Most importantly, the ability to search, view, contact, and negotiate with Freelance Professional Commercial drivers in real-time provides immediate possible solutions to logistical problems for your company and contracting parties. Running a profitable business is always better than operating in the black!

Is it economical to hire a Freelance driver?

Hiring a Freelance Professional Commercial driver is very economical compared to the alternative of not having a driver for fenced equipment.  Carriers and other third party logistical providers should be in the business of moving freight according to contractual obligations or when shippers call for additional equipment.  As a logistics company in this age of new technology and innovation, you can now meet the demands of unpredictable segments of growing logistical markets and contractual obligations agreed upon between your company and shippers with the use of the online business community platform and its freelance commercial drivers.  Or would you rather keep saying, “I don’t have a driver available?”

How do drivers find me? Freelance Professional Commercial drivers primarily search posted job assignment origins or destinations, FMCSA licensing, insurances, and a carrier’s ability to pay in a form that is satisfactory to the contracting party.  The importance of having a full, complete, and updated profile which illustrates a dynamic business profile and periodic assignment updates is paramount to operating successfully as a business account holder.

How are Freelance Professional Commercial drivers paid?

All Freelance Professional Commercial drivers are responsible for arranging payment requirements and invoicing with business account holders appropriately.  Payment for services are primarily paid to the contracting party by ComCheck, T-Check, EFS Check, PayPal, Company Checks, and any other form of payment acceptable to both parties.

Who arranges the travel (rental car, flight itinerary, hotel, and restaurant accommodations) for hired Freelance Professional Commercial drivers?

All Freelance Professional Commercial drivers are responsible for arranging their own individual travels through the “Plan Project” tab located within’s online business community platform.’s staff highly recommends and encourages carriers or other transportation organizations to assist individual contractors in reserving appropriate accommodations like: hotels, rental cars, flight reservations, Uber, and etc.  The buying power of large organizations compared to individual licensed contractors is often substantial and/or more readily accepted by other business organizations.  If company discounts are applied appropriately when arranging the arrival of contractors to your terminal, the total cost of logistics or payment to the contractor for their expenses for that particular trip could be reduced dramatically.

How do I register for a carrier’s account?

Click on the SIGN UP button on the navigation menu. That will take you to the “Become our member!” sign up form. Make sure that “Hire” is showing for “What are you looking for?”  Fill out the other fields and click Sign up accepting the terms and conditions.

How do I post a project?

Login to your carrier account and from the home page you will see a red button named Post a Project. After you have clicked the button, select the appropriate payment package and fill out the necessary fields.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, please email a request to

How do I set account notifications?

In order to check notifications, you need to be logged into your account. Select the down arrow button that is located under your profile image or the profile image itself. That will open up a drop down menu. Click Notification from the list.

How do I accept a bid for a Project?

In order to check notifications, you need to be logged into your account. Select the down arrow button that is located under your profile image or the profile image itself. That will open up a drop down menu. Click Notification from the list. Click the notification that corresponds with the name of the project. Then click on the project name. Click Finish will bring you to “Congratulation!” form. Enter review for driver and then click the Finish button.

How can I change my password?

After you login, you will see “Change Password” on the right hand side. Click it and it will take you to a form that will ask for your old and new password. Click Change Password to finish.

I forgot my password?

Click Login from the navigation menu. This will bring you to the “Welcome back!” form. Click Forgot Password? Enter your e-mail address and then click Send. A password reset email will be sent to you.

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