What can do for you! has partnered with Meta-Human Institute and to provide curriculum modules to sharpen your business and personal skills as an Independent Professional Driver.  We are here to help put you in the driver’s seat (literally and figuratively) of your own career. provides downloadable contracts and a list of documents such as Driver Service Contracts, Driver Downtime Reports, Lumper Receipts, Accurate Billing Invoices, and Expense Report Forms that will be necessary for the efficient running of your business so that you don’t have to create such documents on your own. will teach you how to negotiate with brokers and carriers for appropriate compensation. For example, our contracts are designed to ensure that no one can place derogatory information on your DAT report without your knowledge or consent and that downtime, equipment failures, inaccurate dispatch information will be compensated appropriately. These actions alone will assure you of a healthy safety rating while keeping you in business. will give you tools to write a Driver Profile that distinguishes you from other drivers. will show you how to set up and operate your own business model as an Independent Professional Driver whether you want to do this as a full-time business, or as a supplemental income source to your current employment. will offer you opportunities to learn how to maintain your mental and physical health while on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay a subscription?

Your subscription provides for the marketing of you as a driver, and for tools that assist you to develop your professional and personal skills as an Independent Professional Commercial Driver.

How do Carriers and Brokers find me? Carrier, Brokers, Freight Forwarders, and Shippers primarily search experience levels, origins, endorsement status, Safer System status, availability, and travel radius of Rescue18Wheeler Freelance Professional Drivers in real-time.  The importance of having a full, complete, and updated profile which illustrates professionalism, integrity, and availability is paramount to operating successfully as a Rescue18Wheeler Freelance Commercial Driver.

Why do I need a contract to do business?

A Service Contract is a business tool used to prevent temporary amnesia or a complete misunderstanding of statements, facts, or circumstances.  Contracts are also important business instruments used to guide the direction of most sincere business relationships and are highly recommended by the staff.  Simply put, Service Contracts will ensure prompt and fair payment for services rendered and will protect parties who have a vested point of interest.

How does being an Independent Professional Commercial Driver differ from being a company driver or an independent owner operator?

Rescue18Wheeler Freelance Commercial Drivers are independently operating as 1099 contract workers with the flexibility of choosing their own schedules, operating times, rate of pay, radius traveled, availability, and partners while enjoying a seasonal, casual, part-time, or full-time employment status.  By leveraging a healthy Class A driver status (without obtaining ICC authority, insurances, and commercial equipment) as a negotiating tool with contracting parties and by maintaining proper compliances with local DMV departments, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and Safer System, a Rescue18Wheeler Freelance Commercial Driver will not only regain respect from the transportation industry, but will open the doors to multiple streams of income.

Do I need liability insurance to be an Independent Professional Commercial Driver?

Establishing liability insurance is always necessary in the transportation industry.  It is customary for carriers operating as asset based companies to add professional commercial drivers, on a per trip basis, to their liability insurance policies. The cost for this service is usually $100 per occurrence or trip.  Depending on discounts carriers may receive from insurance providers, it is not unheard of to see costs per trip occurrence reduced down to 5, 10, or perhaps 20% in some cases.

How can help me if I don’t have an ICC authority or my own equipment?

Sign up, accept a subscription offer, and post your profile and your availability status.  It’s just that simple.

Can I be an Independent Professional Commercial Driver and maintain my current employment?

Maintaining active employment with a current employer is highly recommended by  To test the waters, or to get a feel for the online business environment, it is best to freelance casually (during time off or vacation) or part-time periodically until successful professional business acumen is developed with contracting parties.  Retirees, and those who have simply washed their hands with the trucking industry and are looking for a fresh start, are encouraged to sign up. Ultimately, the decision to be a full-time, part-time, or casual Rescue18Wheeler Freelance Professional Commercial driver is totally yours.  The staff and founding partners will proudly assist you in whatever status you decide to accept.

How do I determine what rate to charge a Carrier or Broker?

The average rate, depending on experience and expertise, is usually calculated at $100 to $120 an hour and/or one flat rate for city work (e.g. $400 – $500) and/or one flat rate for overnights (e.g. $800 – $1,000) for all miles operated within a 0 – 500 radius.  To exercise more creativity, calculating trips on a per mile basis (e.g. .90 – 1.00 a mile for a 1,000 or more operated miles) will provide more flexibility for you and the client contracting Rescue18Wheeler Freelance Services.

What are the most effective ways to receive prompt and accurate payment from my customers? encourages the use of professional and accurate invoicing for client(s) with whom you contract.  A sample invoice for billing related issues is located in the driver tool section of the Rescue18Wheeler online business community and can be immediately downloaded (in an editable version) to any PC or flash drive.

Why do I need an accurate expense report with valid receipts?

Don’t forget.  As a Rescue18Wheeler Freelance Professional Commercial driver, you are a 1099 status contractor and are responsible for reporting accurate income amounts to the IRS.  Expense reports and/or valid receipts will assist in organizing reporting processes and easily identify loss and profit segments of your business.  View the Judd Miller (founder of Meta Human Institute) videos in the driver tool section for more information concerning wealth building and creating profit and loss statements.

How do I register for a driver’s account?

Click on the SIGN UP button on the navigation menu. That will take you to the “Become our member!” sign up form. Make sure that “Work” is showing for “What are you looking for?”  Fill out the other fields and click Sign up accepting the terms and conditions.

How do I apply for a job?

Click Jobs under the “Drivers” tab on the navigation menu. Find a project that interests you from the Project Title list and then click the Apply button. This will take you to a page where you enter a bid by selecting the bid button. This will take you to the “Set your bid” form. Fill out the form and then click Submit.

How do I check my notifications?

In order to check notifications, you need to be logged into your account. Select the down arrow button that is located under your profile image or the profile image itself. That will open up a drop down menu. Click Notification from the list.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, please email a request to

How can I change my password?

After you login, you will see “Change Password” on the right hand side. Click it and it will take you to a form that will ask for your old and new password. Click Change Password to finish.

I forgot my password?

Click Login from the navigation menu. This will bring you to the “Welcome back!” form. Click Forgot Password? Enter your e-mail address and then click Send. A password reset email will be sent to you.

How do I post a profile for hire?

Login to your account and visit Your Profile by clicking your profile image. You will be able to fill out your profile from there.

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