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A Driver's Reputation Was Once Highly Revered As A Part Of true American Culture. At Our Goal Is To Assist In Restoring That Culture...

Our online Professional Driver forum was founded in 2015 with a simple mission in mind: to advance and re-shape the transportation industry to meet the changing needs of the 21st century. Our objective is to enhance and solidify the points of interest of both Carriers and Drivers so that those who are most in need of the transportation industry – businesses and families around the country – are served with integrity and competence. offers a completely new model to bring the transportation industry into the 21st century. is a private online forum community that hosts visual profiles of Professional Drivers and their credentials for easy accessibility for Carriers, Brokers, and Shippers who are facing severe driver shortages. specializes in providing companies with ‘Contract Trip Drivers’ that will immediately alleviate most logistical difficulties. seeks to become a voice for Professional Drivers who have been unjustly alienated from the trucking industry by industry associations, commercial insurance companies, federal laws and government oversight, as well as those who are retired but want to keep a hand in the business, or who are looking to supplement their income through independent contract driving.

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