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Driver Resources, Tips, and Financial Tools

Let's Get After It!

Getting Started

Welcome to the Rescue18Wheeler online Community, where Freelance Commercial Drivers have a voice and are appreciated for their excellence!

Why Sign Up

A Driver, is a driver, is driver

This is not the case at Rescue18Wheeler! Freelance Commercial Drivers here:

  • Will choose and accept projects that are in line with their personality
  • Will have the freedom to reject a project without fear of being secretly blacklisted
  • Are able to strictly follow FMCSA regulations and be well compensated for doing so

Helpful Tips...

Keep Your Job and Save Your Life!

Know the conditions and boundaries of your health. Doing moderate exercise and making healthy food choices will:

  • Create energy and motivation
  • Help you reclaim your health
  • Insure longevity in your trucking career

Eating Healthy

Take a break from the truck (every 200-300 miles) and start living the life of a healthy trucker!

  • Plan for healthier meal stops
  • Plan a short walk after your meal
  • Spend at least 10 minutes in aerobic exercise

Staying Connected

Continue to be that "Steel Cowboy or Cowgirl" out on the open road! But, don't neglect the importance of relationships in your health.

  • Stay connected with family, friends, and your spiritual power
  • Keep regular outdoor activity commitments
  • Find time to revisit lost hobby projects

Getting Paid

Handle yourself professionally when asking for payment.  Here are three tips to consider:

  • Show your worth through your professionalism
  • Decide beforehand where you are willing to make concessions
  • Make payments easy for your customer

Sign up and access Freelance Commercial Drivers in real-time, know their geographical locations, their availability, and level of expertise by using the DriveronDemand model. Let’s Get Started!