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Freelance Commercial Driver Description

By definition, what is a Freelance Commercial Driver? Or a (JIT) Just-In-Time Driver? And, do I Fit the Mold?

Freelance Commercial Driver (definition): Are Class A, B, F, P Commercial Drivers that leverages their Commercial License, experience(s), and 1099 worker status for the purpose for contracting with Interstate and Interastate Carriers (Whether Private, Exempt, or For-Hire) to work as independent operators on a per trip, per assignment, or per project basis.

Independent contract workers (1099) does not own commercial equipment nor do they carry insurance(s) required for Carriers operating under the federal guidelines of FMCSA procedures for licensed ICC authorities.

Features of a Freelance Commercial Driver:

  • Passed the Readiness Assessment for Drivers
  • Receives a 1099, rather than a W-2 tax form
  • Responsible for invoicing customers
  • Chooses the projects they want to do
  • Negotiates with Carriers for a fair price for project considered
  • Leverages their expertise (CDL license) rather than their equipment
  • Responsible for their own withholding and self-employment taxes
  • Work as their own boss
  • Maintains full-time, part-time, seasonal, or casual employment unless freelancing is more profitable
  • Freelancers are also retirees, veterans, or individuals that have been alienated

Facts Regarding Risk Management for Both the Carrier and Freelance Commercial Driver

Did you know that both Commercial Drivers and Commercial Carriers have the responsibility of managing Driver retention?

More and more Carriers are looking to contract with Freelance Commercial Drivers and more and more Drivers want to work with companies that offer flexibility and premium rates.

Drivers must be set up professionally to adhere to the responsibilities and demands that are placed on Freelance workers while Carriers must be ready to compensate and treat Drivers with the professionalism they deserve. These are the kinds of things we will explore in the readiness assessment below.

All new Class A Commercial Drivers and Carriers who are seeking to create a Free Account on this site must complete a readiness assessment. Before taking this assessment, ask yourself this tough question, "Do I display the characteristics of a business owner or an employee?"  Be truthful about your response to this question.  Then, dive right in when you are ready!

The readiness assessment isn't timed (it's shouldn't take you longer than 6 minutes to complete) so, take your time, upload documents where requested, and answer each question with personal or company integrity.

Create Free Account for Drivers

  • Do you have what it takes to be a Freelance Commercial Driver?
  • Take the Readiness Assessment for Drivers today and know your worth!
  • Supplement your income and transition without stop-gaps in pay! Negotiate, don't wait!
  • Freelance in your spare time without ownership!
  • Top Industry rates, local runs, and same day pay!

Create Free Account for Carriers

  • Don't wait for traditional hiring practices, freelance your difficult projects today!
  • Take the Readiness Assessment for Carriers and contract with a driver today!
  • See profile, photo, reports and geographical locations before the driver's arrival!
  • No upfront cost! Click and schedule your project!
  • And, your first accepted dispatch is on us!

Sign up and access Freelance Commercial Drivers in real-time, know their geographical locations, their availability, and level of expertise by using the DriveronDemand model. Let’s Get Started!